A total 180

My name is Lance Jacobson and my true passion in life is to train and sculpt the human body. I take pride in getting a person to accomplish their goals and perform at the highest level. In over twenty-one years in the fitness industry, I have had the opportunity to work with an array of different people, who all have different goals in mind when it comes to fitness.

Over the years I have found that people are bombarded with so much information about nutrition and eating that they just get lost. They simply don’t know what food and supplements will work best for them. I found that the programmes that I was creating for the professionals; the bodybuilders, bikini models and fitness models, were actually working for these people; the average client that didn’t want to be up on stage, but wanted to look like they could be. I also realised that these people weren’t looking for a 10-week or 12-week programme; they were looking for an entire lifestyle change.

And so One Eighty Degrees was born. A nutritional programme done in conjunction with a range of products that have been tried and tested and work! These products are all natural and free of artificial flavourants, stimulants, and chemicals. They can also be ordered separately to the programme.

The programme consists of a 10-day reset plan to help you lose weight and reset your insulin levels, followed by a lifestyle plan in order to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

So if you are looking to change your life around, if you are looking to make a decision now that will impact your future, then the One Eighty Degrees Nutrition programme and products are for you.

Best of the best.

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