Bounce Back with BCAA!

Unless you’re a serious sports scientist or a die-hard dietician, the words ‘amino acids’ probably don’t sound all that exciting or impressive! All you really need to know though is that amino acids are actually quite amazing. And, if you’re into bodybuilding or great workouts, they should be your best friend!

Amino acids do great things for your body, especially your muscles. That’s why we’ve packed every bottle of One Eighty Degrees Amino Workout Recovery full of them. With 1000mg of essential amino acids and 1500mg of performance amino acids (also known as branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs), our quality product offers you a fast, easy and tasty workout top-up in a handy-sized bottle.

In case you’re wondering why they’re so powerful, amino acids are essential nutrients derived from protein sources like meat, dairy products and legumes. Your body can’t manufacture them so you need to put them in! Amino acids can help to enhance your performance, reduce protein and muscle breakdown during intense exercise and help you bounce back faster! An added bonus is that they also boost concentration and help you combat stress and fatigue. How’s that for impressive?!

Whether you’re a serious body builder or just someone who is committed to working out hard to attain a strong and healthy physique, BCAAs will help you build new proteins in your body. They’ll also be burned as fuel to produce energy, giving your vitality a vibrant boost. With reduced muscle damage, less soreness and stronger energy levels, a fast recovery means you can get back to training and move closer towards your goals, seeing the benefits of your efforts shaping up every time you look in the mirror.

Staying fit, enjoying optimal health and keeping your muscles strong is essential for a quality life, regardless of your age or your workout goals.

One Eighty Degrees Amino Workout Recovery is the ideal supplement for better health and a better body. Contact us for more information about this quality product or order it from our online store.

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