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You’re eating your perfect meals. You’re rocking the cardio. You’re not cheating. You’re training heavy and hard. And you’ve been doing it long. Just not long enough.

Those words are strangely absent from our packaging, unlike many others that promise you enough energy to work on every piece of equipment in the gym, on maximum weight, while leaving you with energy to break your locker in half afterwards. The fact of the matter is no supplement in the world is going to turn you into Mr. Olympia when you walk to the weight rack.

You won’t all of a sudden be able to impress the spinning class ladies with a newfound miracle strength as you now leg press twice the weights you did yesterday. That’s the thing. There is no shortcut. That’s why one eighty doesn’t make empty promises. Because what it boils down to, is getting yourself to exercise. No matter how cold, how dark, or how tired you are.

That’s what one eighty degrees pre-workout is there for – to make sure that no matter what outside elements come into play, you’ve got the energy get going. Because let’s face it, if this is too hard, what lies ahead isn’t exactly going to put a smile on your face:

Lance Jacobson

Lance Jacobson

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I have been in the fitness industry for 21 years as a competitive body builder and personal trainer. Over the years I have trained many competitive athletes, body builders, fitness models and bikini models.

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